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"See Drew Run"
TDCS episode 2x16 - See Drew Run
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In response to a lawsuit from co-worker Nora O'Dougherty over an offensive cartoon printed in the company newsletter, Drew consults the company's attorneys (Penn Gillette as Archibald Fenn}, but then is forced to represent himself in "See Drew Run" in Season 2 (ep.#17)

Episode No.   Season
39 2x17 Season 2
Episode Information
Original Broadcast Date February 19, 1997
Network: ABC-TV
IMDB: IMDb logo See Drew Run
Written by: Lona Williams
Directed by: Sam Simon
Chronological Information
Preceded by: "Check out Drew's Old Flame"
Followed by: "Drew Gets Married"


See Drew Run was the 17th episode of The Drew Carey Show. Originally aired on February 19, 1997 on ABC, This episode, which was directed by Sam Simon, was written by Lona Williams.


Drew decides to go on a hunger strike to force Winfred-Louder to build a skywalk to the parking garage after Oswald and Lewis get run over on a busy intersection while visiting Drew at the store.


Winfred-Louder employees risk their lives get to work each day because the crosswalk from the parking deck to the store is at an intersection near the freeway. When a member of the Optimists Club named Faith (Joan Fagan) is severely injured while trying to cross, Drew demands the store build a skywalk to the employee garage. When his complaints are ignored and Lewis and Oswald are hurt while trying to cross, Drew decides to take drastic measures by going on a hunger strike.

Mimi fills in for Faith as operator of the store's day care center, and gets along surprisingly well with the kids. Drew demands that the store build a skywalk to the employee garage. Even after Drew finds several construction companies that will work cheap, Wick and the board ignore his complaints because they don't care if the workers get killed.

In response to Wick and the company board directors, Drew organizes a slowdown, but has to call it off after Wick threatens to fire everyone. Lewis and Oswald get hit by a car after visiting Drew at the store. The Winfred-Louder lawyers try to trick them into signing a waiver absolving the store of all responsibility. Drew announces that he is going on a hunger strike until the store agrees to build the skywalk.

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