The Drew Carey Show: Season 3
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No. of episodes 28
Original network ABC-TV
Original airdates: September 17, 1997 – May 20, 1998
DVD Release: TBA
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The Drew Carey Show: Season 3Edit

This page lists all of the episodes aired in Season 3 of The Drew Carey Show. The "Drew Vs. Billboard" episode premiered on ABC-TV on September 17, 1997; a total of 28 episodes aired during the season, which ended on May 20, 1998, with the airing of the episode "My Best Friend's Wedding".

The main story arc of this season is Kate and Oswald's relationship, which starts with them getting together in secret early on in the season, before they start going out leading up to the wedding at the end of the season. For much of the season realtor Nicki Fifer (Kate Walsh) is Drew's girlfriend, and as the season progress, the more bad habits she picks up from Drew. Drew's brother, Steve Carey (John Carroll Lynch) is introduced, and revealed to be a cross dresser. Nan Martin has a recurring role as Winfred-Louder owner, Mrs. Fran Louder who is having an affair with Larry Almada, Ian Gomez.

The theme song for the first two episodes is "Five O'Clock World", with "Cleveland Rocks" replacing it from the third episode "Strange Bedfellows".

Season 3 (1997-1998)Edit

Season 3 episodes
Image Episode # in Series Title Written by Directed by Original air date Prod.#
Image Needed-Mimi 1 47 "Drew vs. Billboard" Les Firestein Gerry Cohen September 17, 1997 466252 (3x1)
Drew gets scammed by a con man who uses a topless picture of Drew to advertise "Vita Beer" a weight loss scam.

Guest stars: Kevin Crowley (Morgan), Jock Hannibal (The Applicant)

Image Needed-Mimi 2 48 "Drew and the Singles Union" Robert Borden Gerry Cohen September 24, 1997 466251 (3x2)
This episode has an extended introductory dream sequence where everyone is an alien. As a gag, the old animated show title appears, with an alien version of Drew singing "Moon Over Parma" but with the lyrics changed to the name of the alien planet. A savage storm threatens Cleveland, and the Winfred Louder store is evacuated with Wick disappearing after staying behind. Kate and Oswald kiss.

Guest stars: Ian Gomez (Larry Almada), Paul Cassell (Todd), Hynden Walch (Amy), Jean Sincere (The Old Lady), & Gene Weygandt (The Employer)

Image Needed-Mimi 3 49 "Strange Bedfellows" Clay Graham Gerry Cohen October 1, 1997 466253 (3x3)
This episode has an extended introductory theme of "Cleveland Rocks", sung by The Presidents of the United States of America, which became the theme for the rest of the show's run. The first appearance of realtor, Nicki Fifer (Kate Walsh) who takes advantage of Drew. Kate and Oswald secretly are seeing each other on a regular basis. Drew and Mimi are shocked to discover that Larry Almada (Ian Gomez) is having an affair with Mrs. Lauder (Nan Martin).

Guest stars: Ian Gomez (Larry Almada), Kate Walsh (Nicki Fifer), Nan Martin (Fran Louder), Nia Vardalos (Grace Almada)

Image Needed-Mimi 4 50 "Misery Loves Mimi" Lona Williams Sam Simon October 8, 1997 466254 (3x4)
Drew starts dating realtor Nicki (Kate Walsh), after previous repeated attempts had failed. Mr. Wick is recuperating with Mimi and Larry is still staying with Drew. Mimi uses Wicks signature to run the store and fire Drew, who goes to her apartment to free Wick. Just as Nicki agrees to go out with Drew, Kate and Oswald reveal their secret and the house is raided by the police. Special Guest Stars Rachel True and Keith Diamond.

Guest stars: Keith Diamond (Greg Clemens), Amber Kain (Olivia), Rachel True (Janet Clemens), Ian Gomez (Larry Almada), Kate Walsh (Nicki Fifer), Michael Alaimo (Pizza Delivery Guy), Lisa Dinkins (DEA Officer #1)

Image Needed-Mimi 5 51 "A Very, Very, Very Fine House" Joey Guiterrez & Diane Burroughs Gerry Cohen October 8, 1997 466255 (3x5)
Drew's house is being seized and auctioned off as proceeds of crime, despite Drew being found innocent of any involvement in Larry's drug dealing. Drew comes to terms with Kate and Oswald being together. Special Guest Stars Rachel True as Janet Clemens and Keith Diamond as Greg Clemens.

Guest stars: Keith Diamond (Greg Clemens), Rachel True (Janet Clemens), Kate Walsh (Nicki Fifer), Jeff Doucette (Police Marshall), Mary Gordon Murray (Judy), Simon Harvey (Auctioneer), Charles C. Stevenson, Jr. (Minister), Robin Middleton (Drew's Mom), Bill Moynihan (Clown), Claire Portin (Teacher), & Christiana Barron (Cheerleader)

Image Needed-Mimi 6 52 "Drew vs. The Pig" Bob Nickman Steve Zuckerman October 29, 1997 466259 (3x6)
Drew discovers Nicki (Kate Walsh) was once fat and wants to avoid temptation, and supports Drew when he decides to lose weight. Mimi, however, is convinced that Nicki never was fat and is trying to trick Drew into losing weight and bets him that he can't stick to the diet. The gang run a Buzz Beer promotion at the local Expo, where Lewis becomes Beer Boy.

Guest stars: Kate Walsh (Nicki Fifer), Gregg Berger (Emcee), & Mindy Hester (Jody Phillips)

Image Needed-Mimi 7 53 "Batmobile" Bruce Helford Sam Simon November 5, 1997 466257 (3x7)
Drew wins a contest and has a choice of either $200,000 or the Batmobile, and to the other's disgust Drew chooses the Batmobile. Special Guest Stars Rachel True as Janet Clemens, Keith Diamond as Greg Clemens and Kate Walsh as Nicki.

Guest stars: Keith Diamond (Greg Clemens), Rachel True (Janet Clemens), Kate Walsh (Nicki Fifer), Sam Lloyd (Jack), Tim Haldeman (Officer #1), Rick Scarry (Officer #2)

Image Needed-Mimi 8 54 "The Dog and Pony Show" Deborah Oppenheimer & Robert Borden Steve Zuckerman November 12, 1997 466258 (3x8)
Nigel Wick agrees to mind Mrs. Louder's dog. The plan goes awry and Drew has Lucky fixed and shorn, which to Wick's horror means they will be fired. To raise the money to buy a replacement the gang do "The Full Monty" at the Warsaw. Larry gets out of jail and agrees to help them, but the tavern is raided. Special Guest Star Kate Walsh as Nicki.

Guest stars: Ian Gomez (Larry Almada), Kate Walsh (Nicki Fifer), Stephen Tobolowsky]] (The Councilman), Tim Haldeman (The Policeman), Mark Addy (Himself), Paul Barber (Himself), Steve Huison (Himself), Hugo Speer (Himself)

Image Needed-Mimi 9 55 "Drew's Brother" Christy Sneel & Scott O. Gordon Gerry Cohen November 19, 1997 466261 (3x9)
Drew's brother Steve has lost his job and moves in with Drew. Kate then convinces him to hire Steve for a job at Winfred-Louder, but Drew is shocked to learn that his brother is a cross dresser. Drew then has to save Steve's job. The first appearance of John Carroll Lynch as Steve Carey.

Guest stars: John Carroll Lynch (Steve Carey), Kate Walsh (Nicki Fifer), Dionne Warwick (as Herself), Jonathan Floyd (The Chauffeur)

120px]] 10 56 "That Thing you Don't" Bruce Rasmussen Gerry Cohen November 26, 1997 466256 (3x10)
Drew, Lewis and Oswald decide to reform the Horn Dogs, their old high school band to compete in a battle of the bands competition at the Warsaw Tavern. Unfortunately, Kate also wants to be in the band although she can't sing, and there is a rival band from the high school days, The Underpriveleged (Special Appearance by The Reverend Horton Heat) led by Herb. Special Guest Star Seth Green.

Guest stars: Joseph D. Reitman (Herb), Seth Green (The Emcee), Greg Binckley (James), Drake Bell (The Blues Kid), The Reverend Horton Heat (The Underprivileged), Jim Heath (Steve), Stanley Anderson (George Carey (voice))

Image Needed-Mimi 11 57 "Volunteer" Terry Mulroy Sam Simon December 3, 1997 466260 (3x11)
Drew agrees to volunteer at a local nursing home which has a bad reputation, and Wick then decides to run with the idea and make a mandatory program of employees volunteering for the nursing home. Mrs. Louder wants Drew to hire a replacement for Larry, but Drew has bigger problems with the nursing home residents framing him, but a deal is struck to save Drew and get Larry back to work.

Guest stars: Ian Gomez (Larry Almada), Nan Martin (Fran Louder), Tim Conway (Gus), Keene Curtis (Reverend Lindemann), Gloria Dorson (Helen), Ted Henry (as Himself)

Image Needed-Mimi 12 58 "Vacation" Les Firestein Gerry Cohen December 17, 1997 466263 (3x12)
Drew and Kate are equal winners of the Winfred-Louder Christmas competition, which has a prize for a free trip to the Bahamas. Drew is worried that he can't share a room with Kate without something happening. Lewis lets slip to Oswald that Drew has feelings for Kate, so he jumps on a plane to follow the others. Kate meanwhile reveals to Drew that she is not sure whether Oswald is the one.

'Guest stars: Kate Walsh (Nicki Fifer) & Tico Wells (Room Service Guy)

Image Needed-Mimi 13 59 "Howdy, Neighbor" Joey Gutierrez and Diane Burroughs Richard Schwadel January 7. 1998 466262 (3x13)
The gang are drinking and the Buzz Beer tank explodes showering their neighbours house in beer, with Drew's neighbour Greg becoming his new boss at Buzz Beer after he pays for a new tank. Lewis starts dating Pinky, a co-worker at DrugCo who is a test subject for experimental drugs. Guest Stars Rachel True and Keith Diamond as Janet and Greg Clemens.

Guest stars: Keith Diamond (Greg Clemens) and Rachel True (Janet Clemens)

Image Needed-Mimi 14 60 "He Harassed Me, He Harassed Me Not" Lona Williams Sam Simon January 14, 1998 466264 (3x14)
Wick thinks that the Board are going to fire him and so he plots with Mimi to scam the board out of money by devising a sexual harassment lawsuit. The scam goes wrong when Mimi is offended by Wick liking his acting PA more than Mimi.

Guest stars: (Larry Almada), Nan Martin (Fran Louder), Judith Scarpone (Joanne), Morgan Nagler (Minday), & Bernie Kosar (as Himself)

Image Needed-Mimi 15 61 "Mr. Louder's Birthday Party" Christy Snell & Robert Borden Sam Simon January 28, 1998 466265 (3x15)
Drew has to give a speech at the annual event thrown by Mrs. Louder (Nan Martin) in honor of her late husband, but ends up offending Nicki (Kate Walsh). Mimi hires a sexual harassment lawyer in her lawsuit. Guest starring Steve Buscemi as Mr. Marchetti.

Guest stars: Johnnie Walker (Bernard), Kate Walsh (Nicki Fifer), Nan Martin (Fran Louder), & Steve Buscemi (Mr. Marchetti)

Image Needed-Mimi 16 62 "The Salon" Bob Nickman & Terry Mulroy Gerry Cohen February 4, 1998 466266 (3x16)
There is a fashion buyers job vacant at Winfred Louder and Kate and Mimi both want it. To help Kate, Drew hosts a "Salon" party to allow Kate to show off her skills to Mrs. Louder (and Lewis to show off to his boss). However, it ends badly as Kate ends up fighting with Mrs. Louder and Drew's neighbors Greg (Keith Diamond) and Janet (Rachel True) end up storming out. Special Appearance by Rush Limbaugh and special guest star Charles Nelson Reilly as Mr. Hathaway, Lewis's boss.
Image Needed-Mimi 17 63 "The Engagement" Bruce Rasmussen Brian K. Roberts February 11, 1998 466267 (3x17)
Oswald proposes to Kate and Drew proposes to Nicki, with Oswald angry with Drew and they end up taking secret compatibility tests with Kate and Nicki. Drew tries to get Mr. Wick to pass a lie detector test, but it ends up a disaster with Mimi easily beating the machine and Wick failing dismally. Special Guest Starring Kate Walsh as Nicki and Ashley Gardner as Pinky, Lewis's girlfriend.

Guest stars:

Image Needed-Mimi 18 64 "Nicki's Parents" Matilda Hokinson Sam Simon February 25, 1998 466268 (3x18)
Kate and Oswald have pre-marriage counselling, with Kate angry that Oswald spends so much time with Lewis. With Nicki away, Drew has dinner alone with Nicki's parents Chuck and Charlene Fifer, but the night does not go well, with the couple having a huge fight. Drew and the others show Mr. Fifer what the single life is like.

Guest stars: Barry Corbin (Chuck Fifer), Meagen Fay (Amanda), Larry Brandenburg (Father McNabb), Anne Francis (Charlene Fifer), & Andy Umberger (Waiter)

Image Needed-Mimi 19 65 "Two Weddings and a Funeral for a Refrigerator" Christy Snell & Terry Mulroy Brian K. Roberts March 4, 1998 466270 (3x19)
Drew's fridge breaks down and the gang is very upset. Drew decides that he has to compete in the Winfred Louder Employee Games, where a fridge is the main prize. However, Mimi and Larry pair up and are determined to win, and Lewis's girlfriend Pinky (Ashley Gardner) goes crazy making it hard for Drew to win. Special Guest Star Kate Walsh as Nicki.

Guest stars: Ian Gomez (Larry Almada), Kate Walsh (Nicki Fifer), Ashley Gardner (Pinky), Kiana Tom (Tia), Jason Stuart (Chip), & Jonathan Emerson (Johnson)

Image Needed-Mimi 20 66 "The Bachelor Party" Clay Graham Brian K. Roberts March 11, 1998 466269 (3x20)
The gang are throwing a Bachelor Party for both Drew and Oswald before their respective weddings. Before the bachelor party, however, Nicki (Special Guest Star Kate Walsh) dumps Drew. This episode is the 2nd appearance of Steve Carey (John Carroll Lynch) who comes out to parents, George and Bealah as a cross dresser.

Guest stars: Marion Ross (Beulah Carey), Stanley Anderson (George Carey), John Carroll Lynch (Steve Carey), Ian Gomez (Larry Almada), Kate Walsh (Nicki Fifer)

Image Needed-Mimi 21 67 "The Sex Drug" Les Firestein Gerry Cohen March 18, 1998 466271 (3x21)
Mimi's sexual harassment lawsuit goes to court, but Drew proves to be an unreliable witness when he turns up to court under the influence of a sex drug (from Lewis's work DrugCo) that he had taken inadvertently. Nigel Wick apologizes to Mimi and tries to convince her to return to work and abandon the scam.

Guest stars: Nan Martin (Fran Louder), Peter MacKenzie (Mr. Firestein), Steve Ireland (Mr. Holiday), Mercedes Colón (Bailiff), Christine Moore (Court Reporter), Walter Addison (Doctor), Paul Joseph Edwards (Paul) & Susan Blommaert (Judge Oberman)

Image Needed-Mimi 22 68 "What's Wrong With This Episode?" Michael O. McCarthy Gerry Cohen April 1, 1998 466273 (3x22)
One of Wick's firings goes wrong and he is shot in the crotch with a crossbow. This means Drew has to run the store in the meantime and he promises no firings which has unintended results. This episode is part of a competition for viewers to spot onscreen errors and win prizes.

Guest stars: Ian Gomez (Larry Almada), Nan Martin (Fran Louder), Robert Hegyes (as Himself), Steve Ireland (Joe Holliday), Jill Matson (Trudy), Kevin Kennedy (Johnson)

Image Needed-Mimi 23 69 "The Rebound" Christy Snell and Bob Nickman Gerry Cohen April 8, 1998 466272 (3x23)
This episode has the first appearance of handy woman Sharon Bridges (Jenica Bergere) who became a regular guest star for the later part of Season 4. Drew meets a good looking handy-woman when she fixes several appliances broken during a party to celebrate Drew paying off the engagement ring he bought for former fiancé, Nicki. Special Guest Star is Ashley Gardner in her last appearance as Pinky, Lewis's girlfriend.
Image Needed-Mimi 24 70 "The Dating Consultant" Karen S. Brown, Keith Young, Bruce Rasmussen & Clay Graham Gerry Cohen April 22, 1998 466274 (3x24)
Oswald is moving out from the unit above the Warsaw Tavern to be with Kate, so Lewis needs to get a new housemate. Drew meets a dating consultant who he pays to give him some tips.

Guest stars: Jeff Asch (Theodore), Susan Egan (Susan), Paul Eiding (Jim), Laura Meshell (Robin), Janine Mitchell (Dori)

Image Needed-Mimi 25 71 "Drew's Cousin" Terry Mulroy, Katherine Green & Matt Ember Gerry Cohen April 29, 1998 466277 (3x25)
Drew's teenage cousin, Kristen, stays with him till she can find room in her college dorm. Drew gets her a temp job at the store but is appalled when she starts dating Mr. Wick. This episode is the 3rd appearance of Steve Carey.

Special Guest Star: Nikki Cox as Kristen Carey.

Image Needed-Mimi 26 72 "From the Earth to the Moon" Christy Snell & Terry Mulroy Gerry Cohen May 6, 1998 466278 (3x26)
Drew is offered a promotion by Mrs. Fran Louder to be in charge of hiring for the new stores in Europe. He must make it to the boardroom quickly to hold onto the promotion, but everybody is determined to get in the way.

Guest stars: Ian Gomez (Larry Almada), Nan Martin (Fran Louder), Patrick Bristow (Salesman), Karen Lynn Scott (Darcy), Paul Feig (Worker #1), Robert Mochroy (Customer), Neil Barton (Security Guard), Michael McDonald (Parking Attendant)

Image Needed-Mimi 27 73 "The Wedding Dress" Apryl Huntzinger, Jody Paul & Maria Espada Brian K. Roberts May 13, 1998 466275 (3x27)
The gang tries to get Kate her favorite wedding dress at a big sale but fail. Drew then spends the money to buy her the wedding dress, attracting questions from Oswald. Special Guest Starring Rachel True in her last appearance as Drew's neighbor Janet and Keith Diamond as Greg.
Image Needed-Mimi 28 74 "My Best Friend's Wedding" Joey Gutierrez & Diane Burroughs Sam Simon, Gerry Cohen, & Jeff Siegey May 20, 1998 466276 (3x28)
Oswald and Kate are scheduled to marry in Drew's backyard, but she is having second thoughts. This episode has a special intro featuring Daffy Duck.

Guest stars: Adrienne Barbeau (Kim Harvey), Larry Brandenburg (Father McNabb), Carlos Cervantes ("The Revolutionary"), Ted Henry (Himself), Paul Joseph Edwards ("The Card Store Guy" (voice)), & Joe Alaskey (Daffy Duck (voice))