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The Drew Carey Show: Season 4Edit

This page lists all of the episodes aired in Season 4 of The Drew Carey Show. The "Drew and the Conspiracy" episode premiered on ABC-TV on September 23, 1998; a total of 27 episodes aired during the season, which ended on May 26, 1999, with the airing of the episode "Brotherhood of Man".

The season starts with Kate and Oswald back to being friends. After Drew uncovers a conspiracy in the opening episode, there is a 4 episode story arc where Drew starts up the Horn Dogs again and gains Darcy, a groupie girlfriend, and loses interest in Winfred-Louder. At the same time as his band gets an offer to be a permanent house band, Mr. Wick has to stand down for a while as Store Manager and goes into rehab for treatment with cocaine. Drew dates several different women early on (Darcy, Celia), but for the later part of the season he is seeing Sharon Bridges (Jenica Bergere). Mimi starts dating Drew's brother Steve, much to Drew's disgust. Nan Martin has a recurring role as Mrs. Louder..

Season 4 (1998-1999)Edit

Season 4 episodes
Image Episode # in Series Title Written by Directed by Original air date Prod.#
Image Needed-Mimi 1 75 "Drew and the Conspiracey" Bob Underwood and Jennifer Crittenden Gerry Cohen September 23, 1998 467501 (4x1)
Drew finds out from Chuck that many of his mishaps have been arranged by a conspiracy of three co-workers who hate him. Lewis asks Mimi to test out a DrugCo makeup product that changes color along with the mood.

Guest stars: Kelly Perine (Chuck), Gregory Jbara (Ron), Kevin McDonald (Heller), Kevin Weisman (Carl), Stefanie Ann Kahn (Cheryl), Jim O'Heir (Maintenance Guy), & Tracy Letts (Lomax)

Image Needed-Mimi 2 76 "In Romada Da Vida" Clay Graham Gerry Cohen September 30, 1998 467502 (4x2)
Episode has crazy intro showing repetitive actions at Winfred Lauder. Kate quits her job at Winfred Lauder. Drew starts up the Horn Dogs and become a house band. Guest Star is Pauley Perrette as Darcy a rock groupie who dates Drew.

Guest stars: Joe Walsh (Ed), Ian Gomez (Larry Almada), Nan Martin (Fran Louder) & Pauley Perrette (Darcy) Special Guest stars: Roy Clark, Dusty Hill, Johnny Lang, Lisa Loeb, Dave Mustaine, Michael Stanley, & Matthew Sweet all guest star as themselves.

Image Needed-Mimi 3 77 "Golden Boy" Bruce Rasmussen Gerry Cohen October 7, 1998 467503 (4x3)
Drew and the Horn Dogs (although with Ed Joe Walsh and the James Gang) are still playing, and Darcy convinces Drew to dye his hair. Drew, Chuck and Larry find cocaine at work, and Mr. Wick who goes into rehab. Guest Starring Pauley Perrette.

Guest stars: Joe Walsh (Ed), Kelly Perine (Chuck), Ian Gomez (Larry Almada), Jane Morris (Nora O'Dougherty), Pauley Perrette (Darcy), Gregory Jbara (Ron), Wendle Josepher (Helen), Jeff Lewis (Glen), David Youse (Tom), & Kathleen M. Darcy (as Female Employee) Special Guest stars: Jimmy Fox and Dale Peters as themselves.

Image Needed-Mimi 4 78 "Drew Between the Rock and a Hard Place" Richard Day Sam Simon October 14, 1998 467504 (4x4)
Wick is still in rehab and Drew turns down Wick's job to be with the band. Larry is the new boss and makes budget cuts forcing the others to beg Drew to help. Drew quits the band and is replaced by Weird Al Yankovic, who guest stars. Jimmy Fox and Dale Peters also guest star.

Guest stars: : Joe Walsh (Ed), Ian Gomez (Larry Almada), Nan Martin (Fran Louder), Pauley Perrette (Darcy), Danny Breen (Roy), Karen Elizabeth White (Sue), Stephen Rockwell (Customer #1), & Ross Gottstein (Employee)

Image Needed-Mimi 5 79 "Sexual Perversity" Mike Larsen Gerry Cohen October 21, 1998 467506 (4x5)
Drew gets dumped by Darcy when he shows her his real job. Drew and Mimi mistakenly fall for each other over the internet, while Oswald gets Drug Co. implants to get $10,000 for his mother. Brief last appearance by Pauley Perrette.

Guest stars: Ian Gomez (Larry Almada), Pauley Perrette (Darcy), Jim O'Heir (Man in the Moon), Elizabeth Penn Payne (Kimberley)

Image Needed-Mimi 6 80 "Cain and Mabel" Daniel O'Keefe Gerry Cohen October 28, 1998 467505 (4x6)
Drew and the others are annoyed when Steve Carey and his drag queen friends take over the Warsaw. Oswald is worried about his mother losing her business and finding out about the implants. Special Guest Star is (Adrienne Barbeau) as Kim Harvey, Oswald's mother.

Guest stars: Adrienne Barbeau (Kim Harvey, Oswald's Mom), Michael Raysses (Bartender), John Carroll Lynch (Steve Carey), Pat Finn (George), Debbie Korkunis (Waitress), Kristen Trucksess (Susan), & David Ferguson (Alex)

Image Needed-Mimi 7 81 "Nicki's Wedding" Joey Gutierrez & Diane Burroughs Gerry Cohen November 4, 1998 467507 (4x7)
Drew gets an invite for Nicki's wedding on a ship which he decides to attend despite the dissuasion of the rest of the gang and ends up making a fool out of himself. Meanwhile, Mr. Wick returns to work from rehab. Special Guest Star (Kate Walsh).

Guest stars: Kate Walsh (Nicki Fifer), Nan Martin (Fran Louder), Barry Corbin (Chuck Fifer), Anne Francis (Charlene Fifer), Jana Marie Hupp (Margaret), Brent Jasmer (Chris), Steve Tom ("The Captain"), Jack Thomas ("The Guy")

Image Needed-Mimi 8 82 "Drew's New Car" Terry Mulroy Sam Simon November 11, 1998 467509 (4x8)
Oswald makes another $10,000 from the implants and pays back his old debts to the others. Oswald, Kate and Lewis use the money to buy a new car for Drew who is impressed but sells the car to help his friends back again. When they take offense, Drew needs to get the car back from Mimi who blackmails him to help her win the store's Employee of the year award.

Guest stars: Nan Martin as Fran Lauder

Image Needed-Mimi 9 83 "The High Road to China" Katherine Green Gerry Cohen November 18, 1998 467508 (4x9)
Drew plays an elaborate prank on Mimi who has him kidnapped and dumped on the Great Wall of China without his passport and wallet. Much of this episode was filmed in China.

Guest stars: Lin Liu (Ming), James Hong (Government Worker), Ming Lo (Manager), []Nghia Luu]] (Cashier), Harrison Liu (Chinese Worker), Wong Tioo Tioo (Kid), Kong Rui (Ox Cart Driver), Zhen Li Qiang (Policeman), & Yang Sheng Yi (Crowd Person)

Image Needed-Mimi 10 84 "Drew's Dance Patry" Clay Graham Gerry Cohen November 18, 1998 467537 (4x10)
This episode is a compilation episode of the various songs the gang has sung over the past few seasons.

Guest stars: Various guest stars from previous episodes

Image Needed-Mimi 11 85 "Kate's Family" Richard Day Sam Simon November 25, 1998 467510 (4x11)
Kate has an instant family and Drew takes up swimming to impress avid swimmer Sharon. Mimi is worried that Drew is out to get revenge for being sent to China. Guest Starring Neil Flynn and also Jenica Bergere (as handy-woman Sharon Bridges).

Guest stars: Jenica Bergere (Sharon Bridges), Jill Tolley (Vicki), Tony Scott (Cindy Foster), Shawn Pyfrom (Mark Foster), & Neil Flynn (Scott Honey)

Image Needed-Mimi 12 86 "Drew Dates a Senior" Jennifer Crittenden Gerry Cohen December 9, 1998 467511 (4x12)
Drew decides to attend night school to pursue his Masters Degree but ends up dating a much older woman, Celia. Mimi volunteers to organize a Christmas display window for the store. Special Guest Star Shirley Jones as Celia.

Guest stars: Ian Gomez (Larry Almada), Paul Collins (Professor Stanton), Shirley Jones (Celia), Kathryn Joosten (Ruth), Nick Gaza (Dave), Scott Rinker (Tommy Newman), Louisette Geiss (Ellen) & Richard Callanan (Bingo Caller)

Image Needed-Mimi 13 87 "Drew's Holiday Punch" Mike Larsen Gerry Cohen December 16, 1998 467512 (4x13)
Drew and Celia are surprised by Drew's parents arriving unexpectedly for Christmas. Drew, though initially reluctant, later reveals his relationship with Celia to them. Meanwhile, the rest of the gang help Mimi with selling Christmas trees door to door. Special Guest Star Shirley Jones as Celia.

Guest stars: Marion Ross (Beulah Carey, Drew's Mom), Stanley Anderson (George Carey, Drew's Dad), John Carroll Lynch (Steve Carey), Danny Bonaduce (Chip), Shirley Jones (Celia), Alan Bursky (Workman #1), John Porcher (Customer #1) & Jim Hanna (Customer #2)

Image Needed-Mimi 14 88 "A House Divided" Daniel O'Keefe & Katherine Green Gerry Cohen January 6, 1999 467513 (4x13)
Winfred Lauder are going to be the anchor tenant of a new shopping mall... to be located over Drew's house. Special Guest Star Keith Diamond is his final appearance as Drew's neighbor Greg Clemens.

Guest stars: Keith Diamond (Greg Clemens), Nan Martin (Fran Louder), Jenica Bergere (Sharon Bridges)

Image Needed-Mimi 15 89 "A House Reunited" Daniel O'Keefe & Jennifer Crittenden Steve Zuckerman January 13, 1999 467513 (4x14)
Winfred Lauder try every dirty trick in the book to get Drew to move from his house, as he is the only holdout in the neighbourhood. Guest Starring Shirley Jones as Celia.

Also Guest starring: Kelly Perine (Chuck), Ian Gomez (Larry Almeda)

Image Needed-Mimi 16 90 "Rats, Kate's Dating a Wrestler" Christy Snell & Terry Mulroy Steve Zuckerman January 27, 1999 467515 (4x16)
Drew and the others hire 'The Disciplinarian' (Triple H) a Pro Wrestler as Spokesman for Buzz Beer. But the gang is split on approval when Kate starts going out with him.

Guest stars: Michael Raysses (Bartender), Triple H (credited as Paul Micheal Levesque) ("The Disciplinarian"), Jeremy Kramer (Johnson), Michael Cole (Interviewer (uncredited)), Joanie "Chyna" Laurer (Woman with "The Disciplinarian" (uncredited))

Image Needed-Mimi 17 91 "Three Guys, a Girl and a B-Story" Jody Paul Gerry Cohen February 10, 1999 467516 (4x17)
Drew, Lewis and Oswald all (unwittingly) ask out the same woman. Special Guest Star is Diane Farr as Tracy.

Guest stars: Michael Raysses (Bartender), Ian Gomez (Larry Almada), & Diane Farr (Tracy)

Image Needed-Mimi 18 92 "Boy Party/Girl Party" Terry Mulroy and Jennifer Crittenden Sam Simon February 17, 1999 467517 (4x18)
Mimi hosts a party for the girls wherein Kate begs Mrs. Louder to rehire her, and Drew has a party for the Winfred Louder models which is just a ruse to distract Lewis and Oswald so he can go out with Tracy. Guest starring Diane Farr and Jenica Bergere.

Guest stars: Joe Walsh (Ed), John Carroll Lynch (Steve Carey), Ian Gomez (Larry Almada), Nan Martin (Fran Louder), Jenica Bergere (Sharon Bridges), Diane Farr (Tracy), Eva Halina (Eva), & Lynn Wanlass ([[Gigi Bobeck[[)

Image Needed-Mimi 19 93 "Tracy Bowl" Robert Borden Sam Simon February 24, 1999 467519 (4x19)
Drew, Lewis and Oswald compete for Tracy's love in Tracy Bowl 1. Last appearance for Diane Farr as Tracy.

Guest stars: Michael Raysses (Bartender), Nan Martin (Fran Louder), Diane Farr (Tracy), Jeff Horny (Tom), & Dale Rooul (Fortune Teller (voice)) 'Special guest stars: Bob Costas, Kenny Mayne and Lynn Swann appear as themselves.

Image Needed-Mimi 20 94 "DrugCo" Terry Mulroy & Jennifer Crittenden Gerry Cohen March 3, 1999 467518 (4x20)
Speedy is diagnosed with cataracts and Lewis suggests he be taken to DrugCo for treatment, but afterwards the gang is forced to break into the place to retrieve the dog.

Guest stars: Charles Nelson Reilly (Mr. Hathaway), Brandy Ledford (Model), William Monoghan (Doctor), Matt Fonda (1st Patient), Gene Feldman (2nd Patient)

Image Needed-Mimi 21 95 "Steve and Mimi" Bruce Rasmussen Gerry Cohen March 24, 1999 467520 (4x21)
Winfred Louder is forced to sack staff, including Drew's brother Steve who then has to move in with Drew. To Drew's horror, Steve and Mimi start dating.

Guest stars: John Carroll Lynch (Steve Carey), Jenica Bergere (Sharon Bridges), John O'Brien (Rick), Michael Buster (Tom)

Image Needed-Mimi 22 96 "What's Wrong with This Episode II" Clay Graham Gerry Cohen March 31, 1999 467521 (4x22)

Guest stars: Marion Ross (Beulah Carey), Stanley Anderson (George Carey), John Carroll Lynch (Steve Carey), Fred Applegate (Phil), Pat Loch (Alice), John Criste (Young Steve), Brandon de Paul (Young Drew)

Image Needed-Mimi 23 97 "She's Gotta Have It" Apryl Huntzinger Tommy Thompson April 7, 1999 467522 (4x23)
Good looking handy woman Sharon Bridges breaks up with her boyfriend, and Drew finally achieves his dream, although things take a strange turn. Special Guest Star is Jenica Bergere.

Guest stars: Jenica Bergere (Sharon Bridges), Jim Blanchette (Bartender), & Colin Mochrie (Eugene Anderson)

Image Needed-Mimi 24 98 "Good Vibrations" Terry Mulroy, Daniel O'Keefe, Mike Larsen Brian K. Roberts May 5, 1999 467523 (4x24)
The gang play practical jokes on each other and Sharon wants to become one of the gang. Drew has to go with Mr. Wick to Chicago to give a presentation at a convention, and ends up being the victim of a humiliating practical joke and returns to Cleveland determined to get revenge on Mimi.

Guest stars: Nan Martin (Fran Louder), Jenica Bergere (Sharon Bridges), Mark Ankeny (Paul Bowler), Richard Willgrubs (Man #1), Steven Pierce (Man #2) & Aloma Wright (Security Officer)

Image Needed-Mimi 25 99 "Do The Hustle" Maria Espada Mike Simon May 12, 1999 467524 (4x25)
It is decided that Drew and Sharon will go on a double date with Steve and Mimi, but Drew and Mimi start fighting much to Steve and Sharon's disgust. Drew and Mimi then try to pretend to be friends, and end up forming a ten pin bowling team to hustle other bowlers.

Guest stars: John Carroll Lynch (Steve Carey), Jenica Bergere (Sharon Bridges), Chip Chinery (Jerry), Ron Slania (Doug), Dan Donohue (Jeff) & Christopher Shea (Server)

Image Needed-Mimi 26 100 "Up On The Roof" Katherine Green Sam Simon May 19, 1999 467525 (4x26)
Drew convinces Sharon to take on a larger job, and repair the roof of Oswald's mother Kim Harvey.

Special Guest Stars: Adrienne Barbeau (as Kim), Nan Martin (as Fran Lauder) and Jenica Bergere (Sharon Bridges).

Image Needed-Mimi 27 101 "Brotherhood Of Man" Brian Scully Gerry Cohen May 26, 1999 467526 (4x27)
Winfred-Louder's Dutch owners tell the staff that they have a month-long paid vacation while they renovate the store. Drew, however, has to stay behind and make sure all the wages are paid, but finds out there is a secret plot to blow up the store.

Guest stars: Johnnie Walker (Bernard), Ian Gomez (Larry Almada), Nan Martin (Fran Louder), Jenica Bergere (Sharon Bridges), Hal Linden (Mr. Van Zandt), Ron Roggé (Contractor)

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