The Drew Carey Show: Season 5
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No. of episodes 26
Original network ABC-TV
Original airdates: September 22, 1999 - May 17, 2000
DVD Release: TBA
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The Drew Carey Show: Season 5Edit

This page lists all of the episodes aired in Season 5 of The Drew Carey Show. The "Y2K, You're Okay" episode premiered on ABC-TV on September 22, 1999; a total of 26 episodes aired during the season, which ended on May 17, 2000, with the airing of the episode "A Very Special Drew".

This season sees Steve Carey and Mimi get engaged and later married and Drew and Kate fall in love.

Season 5 (1999-2000)Edit

Season 5 episodes
Image Episode # in Series Title Written by Directed by Original air date Prod.#
Image Needed-Mimi 1 102 "Y2k, You're Okay" Joey Gutierrez & Diane Burroughs Gerry Cohen September 22, 1999 225401 (5x1)
Drew and the others are convinced that the end of civilization is nigh and have Sharon build a bomb shelter for them, while Mimi has got a new Mini Mimi. Sharon is worried that Drew is in love with Kate. Special Guest Star Jenica Bergere.

Guest stars: Jenica Bergere (Sharon Bridges), John Carroll Lynch (Steve Carey), Dean Stockwell (Hal), Debbie Lee Carrington (Doreen), Karl T. Wright (Office Guy #1), Regan Burns (Office Guy #2)

Image Needed-Mimi 2 103 "Drew Goes to the Browns' Game" Robert Borden Gerry Cohen September 29, 1999 225403 (5x2)
The Cleveland Browns have returned to the city and Drew and the others all want to go to the game. A suspicious Drew discovers Sharon has had a boyfriend all along and is crushed. Last appearance by Jenica Bergere as Sharon. Show filmed at the August 21, 1999 Minnesota Vikings Cleveland Browns preseason game.

Guest stars: John Carroll Lynch (Steve Carey, Drew's brother), Jenica Bergere (Sharon Bridges), Gregory Sporleder (Wally), Monty Hoffman (Naked Painted Guy), David Hansen (Guy in Line), Daryl A. Pasek (Nacho Vendor), Chris Palmer (as Coach Palmer, himself)

Image Needed-Mimi 3 104 "Drew and the Gang Law" Daniel O'Keefe Gerry Cohen October 6, 1999 225402 (5x3)
Drew learns that Steve and Mimi are engaged and need to hold the ceremony at his house. Drew and the others are arrested and the judge deems them to be a gang and orders them not see one another anymore. Special Guest Star Nan Martin as Mrs. Louder.

Guest stars: John Carroll Lynch (Steve Carey), Nan Martin (Fran Louder), Paul Gleason (Judge #1), Patricia Belcher (Judge #2), Jordan Marder (Skinhead), Bill A. Jones (Cop), Carl B. Banks (Black Gang Leader), Kevin Corr (Klansman), Ethan Peck (Kid), Dan Tullis, Jr. (Lawyer)

Image Needed-Mimi 4 105 "Drew's Reunion" Brian Scully Gerry Cohen October 13, 1999 225404 (5x4)
It is their school reunion and the gang are determined to make their mark. Kate learns that Drew always loved her, while Lewis tricks Bo Derek into attending. Bo Derek makes a cameo celebrity guest appearance.

Also Guest starring: Stephen Lee (Donald), The Impromptones (Themselves), Stan Cahill (Patrick Wells), Anna Gunn (Kelly Walker), Missi Pyle (Stacey)

Image Needed-Mimi 5 106 "Drew's Physical" Linda Teverbaugh & Mike Teverbaugh Tommy Thompson October 20, 1999 225405 (5x5)
Kate reveals to Lewis that she loves Drew but is forced to keep her feelings on hold after Winfred-Louder's therapist advises Drew to keep off relationships for a while due to his low 'self-esteem'.

Guest stars: Lawrence Pressman (Dr. Zinneman), Debbie Lee Carrington (Doreen), Paul Eric Jerome (Doctor)

Image Needed-Mimi 6 107 "Drew Tries to Kill Mimi" Terry Mulroy Sam Simon October 27, 1999 225407 (5x6)
Drew vows to kill Mimi when she plays a practical joke on him that nearly gets him fired. Drew accidentally hits Mimi while driving through the car park and Mimi decides to press charges.

Guest stars: John Carroll Lynch (Steve), Tom Towles (Detective Streible), Shashawnee Hall (Detective Patterson), Gregg France (Janitor), Tony Plana (Andrew Rodriguez)

Image Needed-Mimi 7 108 "Red, White and Drew " Mitch Hunter & Jana Hunter Gerry Cohen November 3, 1999 225408 (5x7)
Drew is angry that a pot hole in his street is left un-repaired and works to get a ballot initiative approved in the local elections.

Guest stars: Pat Crawford Brown (Mrs. Hopkins), Keith Neubert (Fireman #1), Paul Taylor (Fireman #2), Sebastian Tillinger (College Guy), Michael Chieffo (Polling Inspector), Maria Stanton (Woman), Pierrino Mascarino (Old Man), Gregg Berger (Anchorman (voice))

Image Needed-Mimi 8 109 "Drew Live" Clay Graham Gerry Cohen November 10, 1999 225410 (5x8)
This is a live theater-sports type show and features several cast members from Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Colin Mochrie as Eugene, Brad Sherwood as himself/host and Wayne Brady. Drew finds out that Kate loves him. The show was live for the Eastern/Central, Mountain, and Pacific time zones, for a total of three different live shows with the same script.[1]

Guest stars: John Carroll Lynch (Steve), Wayne Brady (Wayne), Brad Sherwood (Brad), Laura Hall (Laura), Arturo Brachetti (Arturo), Steven Whitaker (Male stripper), Colin Mochrie (Eugene)

Image Needed-Mimi 9 110 "Drew Cam" Holly Hester
Michael Becker (story)
Sam Simon November 17, 1999 225406 (5x9)
Drew goes live on Winfred-Louder's website to promote their products. Kate cohosts with him for a while but is quickly replaced by Isabel, a cute Latina. Later Kate tells a stunned but ecstatically happy Drew that she loves him during the webcast.

Guest star: Rosa Blasi (Isabel)

Image Needed-Mimi 10 111 "Drew's Stomachache" April Huntzinger Gerry Cohen November 24, 1999 225409 (5x10)
Drew has a persisting stomachache caused by any mention of his upcoming date with Kate. Mimi learns that she needs to get a past brief marriage to rock star Eddie Money annulled before she can marry Steve. Rock star Eddie Money makes a cameo guest appearance.

Other Guest stars: John Ingle (Father Seymour), John Carroll Lynch (Steve Carey), ), Max Wright (voice of Drew's Stomach), Terry Rhoads (Doctor), Larry Milburn (Security Guard)

Image Needed-Mimi 11 112 "Steve and Mimi Get Married" Jody Paul Sam Simon December 1, 1999 225411 (5x11)
Drew's mom Beulah and Uncle Alfred make it to town for Steve's wedding with Mimi. Steve accuses Drew of sabotaging the wedding after Drew makes a mistake on the order form for the wedding napkins, but forgets the dispute after they learn that Alfred has died. After a brief fiasco over Alfred's coffin, Steve and Mimi finally get married over the internet.

Guest stars: Joe Walsh (Ed), John Carroll Lynch (Steve), Marion Ross (Beulah Carey), Tammy Faye Messner (Mimi's Mother), Earl Schuman (Uncle Alfred Carey)

Image Needed-Mimi 12 113 "Drew and Kate's First Date" Jonathan Stark & Tracy Newman Gerry Cohen December 15, 1999 225412 (5x12)
Lewis and Oswald offer advice for Drew after his first date with Kate doesn't go quite as planned, then rush (slowly) to Drew's aid when their second date goes even worse.

Special Guest Star: Nan Martin in her last appearance as Mrs. Lauder. Also Guest starring: Patience Cleveland (Kate's Grandmother), Bonita Friedericy (Sally), Benjamin Brown (Man), Weston Nathanson (Kate's Grandfather), Christian Aubert (Matire D')

Image Needed-Mimi 13 114 "Drew and the Racial Tension Play" Daniel O'Keefe Sam Simon January 6, 2000 225413 (5x13)
Drew selects long-serving board member Arthur Crawford to speak at Winfred-Louder's centennial function. After Crawford outrages employees by making his own stereotypic speech, Drew promises to get Crawford to apologize or resign. Later he learns that Windord Louder's Dutch owners have sold the store to Mr. Soulard, an African-American.

Guest stars: : Kelly Perine (Chuck, in Perine's final appearance), Mark Curry (Robert Soulard), Debbie Lee Carrington (Doreen), Ken Lerner (Feinstein), Hansford Rowe (Arthur Crawford), Diana-Maria Riva (Elena), Charles Chun (Matt), Richard Voigts (Board Member)

Image Needed-Mimi 14 115 "Kate Works For Drew" Jody Paul & April Huntzinger Gerry Cohen January 12, 2000 225414 (5x14)
Mr. Soulard advises Drew to hire an assistant for himself and Kate coerces him into hiring her. But later he is forced to fire her after she quickly goes on a power trip and has the entire store at her mercy.

Guest stars: ark Curry (Robert Soulard), Judy Gold (Leslie), Greg Lee(Crazy Al), Bryan Cuprill (Frat Guy), Melody Forsythe (Janet)

Image Needed-Mimi 15 116 "Mimi Moves In" Mitch Hunter & Jana Hunter John Fuller February 2, 2000 225415 (5x15)
Mr. Soulard fires Mimi after she refuses to change her personal appearance. Steve and Mimi plan to leave on their trailer and never return but after Drew loses their truck, they are stranded on Drew's yard. Drew can't bear Mimi around the house and he later realizes he can get Mimi's job back because she has a medical condition. He decides that he would rather have Mimi at his workplace than at his home.

Guest stars: John Carroll Lynch (Steve Carey), Mark Curry (Robert Soulard), Patricia Place (Carol), Ty Upshaw (Policeman), Judy Gold (Leslie)

Image Needed-Mimi 16 117 "Do Drew and Kate Have Sex?" Chris Bishop Sam Simon February 9, 2000 225416 (5x16)
While Drew is shopping for a bed, Kate says she wants to have sex with him. The two decide to plan a "date" that weekend, but they end up ruining it for each other. They eventually have another "date," but when Drew walks back into the bedroom after putting on a condom, he trips over his dog Speedy and falls face first on the floor, spraining his penis in the process.

Guest stars: John Carroll Lynch (Steve Carey), Zack Phifer (Physician)

Image Needed-Mimi 17 118 "I Dishonsestly Love You" Brian Scully Gerry Cohen February 16, 2000 225417 (5x17)
While Drew has a sprained penis, Lewis and Oswald 'erection-proof' his house. Then they earn their title of 'The Love Buzzards', firstly by coming on to Drew's ex-girlfriend, Wendy, then by plotting a catfight between Wendy and Kate.

Guest stars: Tim Wrightman (Weber), Jennifer Wydra (Date #1), Grace Morley (Date #2), Jeb Barrows (Man), Claire Rankin (Wendy Matson)

Image Needed-Mimi 18 119 "Drew Goes to Hell" Holly Hester Gerry Cohen February 23, 2000 225418 (5x18)
When Mr. Soulard asks Drew to hire a new regional manager for Winfred-Louder, Mr. Wick and a hesitant Drew strike a deal to get themselves promoted. But when the store rebuffs Mr. Wick and reassigns him to training while promoting Drew to store manager, an incensed Wick vows revenge on Drew.

Guest stars: Mark Curry (Robert Soulard), J.P. Manoux (Malcolm), Sean Smith (Johnson), Vylette Fagerholm (Waitress)

Image Needed-Mimi 19 120 "What's Wrong With This Episode III" Mike Teverbaugh & Linda Teverbaugh John Fuller March 1, 2000 225419 (5x19)
Drew offers Lewis and Oswald jobs at his store to get them to agree to sell off Buzz beer. After the new buyer, Mr. Cooper arrives to pick up the stuff, the gang get poignant over their memories of Buzz beer and strike a deal with Mr. Cooper to retract the sale.

Special Guest Star: Norm McDonald in a cameo guest appearance
Also Guest starring: Mark Curry (Robert Soulard), Gene Kirkland (Darrell), Seth Adkins (Pinocchio)

Image Needed-Mimi 20 121 "The Gang Stops Drinking" Terry Mulroy Gerry Cohen March 22, 2000 225420 (5x20)
Kate gets a new job in a catering firm. The gang discovers Mimi has fed them a substance that makes them allergic to alcohol. Newly sober Lewis and Oswald start dating a couple of recovering alcoholics and are forced to make a hard choice when the effects of the anti-alcoholic substance wear off.

Guest stars: John Carroll Lynch (Steve), Thea Mann (Beth), Paul Morgan Stetler (Interviewer), Bellamy Young (Bridget), Tawny Moyer (Real Estate Woman)

Image Needed-Mimi 21 122 "Oswald's Son" Mitch Hunter & Jana Hunter Bob Koherr March 29, 2000 225422 (5x21)
Oswald is visited by a young man named Robert Gates, who claims to be his son from a high-school fling. But when it appears that Lewis could possibly be his father too, the duo get competitive over their fatherhood.

Guest stars: Gabe Grifoni (Guy) & Jeremy Howard (Robert Gates)

Image Needed-Mimi 22 123 "Mr. Wick Returns" Aaron Spiro Gerry Cohen April 12, 2000 225421 (5x22)
Mr. Wick returns from his retraining to begin duty in the mail room and again vows revenge against Drew. After Mimi has Drew hogtied by a cowboy that delays him on a major sales day and gets him demoted, Drew and Mr. Wick ally to derail Mimi's plans to become the store manager.

Guest stars: John Carroll Lynch (Steve Carey), Mark Curry (Robert Soulard), Jason Rodriguez ("The Cowboy")

Image Needed-Mimi 23 124 "Kate vs. Speedy" Christy Jacobs White Ryan Stiles April 26, 2000 225426 (5x23)
Kate and Drew hit problems when she decides to sleep over at his house and she and his dog Speedy both seem to be battling for Drew's attention.

Guest stars: John Carroll Lynch (Steve), Bari Hochwald (Dr. Kelly), Charles Daugherty (Harold)

Image Needed-Mimi 24 125 "Beer Ball" Jody Paul Sam Simon May 3, 2000 225424 (5x24)
After Mr. Wick refuses to let him on the company softball team, Drew decides to organize his own team and challenges Wick to a play-off. When Drew realizes Steve is playing for the other team, it stirs up an old rivalry with his brother.

Guest stars: John Carroll Lynch (Steve), Jane Morris (Nora O'Dougherty), Debbie Lee Carrington (Doreen), Jay Leggett (Frank), Steve Fitchpatrick (McGuire)

Image Needed-Mimi 25 126 "Drew and Kate Boink" Robert Borden Gerry Cohen may 10, 2000 225423 (5x25)
Drew tells Oswald and Lewis the good news that his penis has healed. After meeting her ex-boyfriends at the Warsaw, Kate tells Drew that she fears he may meet the same fate. Drew assures her with a big ballad and later Steve and Mimi announce that Mimi is pregnant.

Guest stars: Robert Torti (Jay Clemens), John Carroll Lynch (Steve), Richard Norita (Mr. Kamahela), Beau Baxter (Michael)

Image Needed-Mimi 26 127 "A Very Special Drew" Jerry Belson * April Huntzinger Gerry Cohen May 17, 2000 225425 (5x26)
This episode breaks the "fourth wall" and is full of "Emmy-winning" storylines.

Guest stars: John Ingle (Father Seymour), Nick Jameson (Doctor), Hayden Tank (Matt), Kelle Korbel (Homeless Woman), Caitlin Alderton (Little Girl), Jack Esformes (Surgeon), Griffin Frazen (Sam)