Scott, Drew's boss
Drew gets chewed out by Scott
Scott, Drew's co-boss at The Neverending Store, and he in a "Stare Down" in the episode "The Passion of The Wick" in Season 9 (ep.#25).
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Co-Founder/Owner, with Evan, of The Neverending Store in Cleveland, OH
Drew and Mimi's, and for a time Wick's boss at The Neverending Store
Character information
Appeared on: The Drew Carey Show in recurring appearances
Episodes appeared in: 18 in Seasons 8 & 9
Character played by: Jonathan Mangum

Scott is a recurring character who appears in appears in a total of eighteen episodes in Seasons 6 through 9 of The Drew Carey Show beginning with the season 8 opening episode titled "Revenge of the Doormat". The part of Johnson is played in the episode by Jonathan Mangum. Scott, along with business partner Evan (played by Kyle Howard), who co-founded the online "The Neverending Store", purchased the office space after Winfred-Lauder the original store closes, are both savvy-tech smart entrepenurs, as Scott, along with Evan, both decide to retain long-time employee Drew, as well as Mimi.

In his final appearance in "The Passion of the Wick" in Season 9, after Mimi makes fun of Drew for being chewed out by young Scott for being on the phone for personal reasons on "company time", they both sensed something was wrong, as Scott is usually much more jovial, as Drew and he get into a humourous "stare down" scene when he berates Drew. Mima and Drew then find out by searching online about The Neverending Stone's Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing, which meant that they would be out of jobs.