Paul Van Houten
Victor Raider-Wexler as Paul Van Houten
Mr. Paul Van Houten, played by Victor Raider-Wexler in "Buzz Beer", at the end of Season 1 (ep.#22).
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Board Member/President/Major Partner, Winfred-Lauder, Cleveland, OH
Founding partner, Van Houten, Van Horton & Van Halen, Cleveland, OH
Reveals the company's wish for Drew, who launched "Buzz Beer" with Lewis and Oswald to remain with Winfred-Lauder instead of leaving the company to run the beer business full time
Character information
Appeared on: The Drew Carey Show
Episodes appeared in: "Buzz Beer" (Season 1 finale) and "Something Wick This Way Comes" (Season 2)
Character played by: Victor Raider-Wexler

Paul Van Houten is a character who appears in the Season 1 finale episode (#22) of The Drew Carey Show titled "Buzz Beer" and later in the Season 2 episode "Something Wick This Way Comes" (episode #2). The part of Mr. Van Houten is played in the episodes by Victor Raider-Wexler.

About Mr. Van HoutenEdit

When Drew and the rest of the office at Winfred-Lauder hears through office scuttlebutt that there the company was planning to shake up the management, Paul Van Houten, of Van Houten,Van Van Horton & Van Halen, the new majority stockholder of Winfred-Lauder, finally makes a visit to the office, as Drew and the others get a big surprise when he finds out from Mr. Van Houten that only one management position was opening up, as, thinking that he was going to be one of many the office that was going to be let go, moments later, Mr. Bell (Kevin Pollak) comes out of his now-former office, with a box of his things, mostly girlie mags; when Drew asks Bell if he's the one getting canned, he sarcastically responds, "No, I'm just taking my things for a little ride!! Van Houten replaces Bell with Nigel Wick as the Personnel Manager in "Something Wick This Way Comes" in Season 2.

Mr. Van Houten, upon hearing the news of Drew intending to leave the company to devote all of his time, money and effort to the making of he and his buddies new creation "Buzz Beer", revealed that upon reviewing his records, that he wondered why he hadn't gotten a major promotion in his 7 years with the company, as he wished for Drew to remain with Winfred-Lauder, which is what Drew winds up doing.

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