Nora O'Dougherty
Jane Morris as Nora O'Dougherty

Jane Morris as Nora O'Dougherty, this scene from her final appearance in the episode "Love, Sri-Lankan Style" in Season 9 (ep.#23).

Personal Information
Office worker at Winfred-Louder, Cleveland, OH, now Tuppermaid salesperson & Franchisee
Co-worker of Drew's at Winfred-Louder who clashes with him at times, but is still friendly with he and the others
Character information
Appeared on: The Drew Carey Show
Episodes appeared in: 14 in Series (Seasons 1-9)
Character played by: Jane Morris

Nora O'Dougherty is a recurring character who appears in Seasons 1-9 of The Drew Carey Show, first appearing in the Season 1 episode "Nature Abhors a Vacuum". The part of Nora is played on the series by actress Jane Morris.

Nora is a former co-worker and oftentime nemisis (more of a "frenemy") of Drew's, at Winfred-Louder, who, though still a friend who lives in his neighborhood who also frequents the Warsaw Tavern, clashes with him, as of the time in the Season 1 episode "Drew in Court" when she filed a complaint which resulted in a lawsuit against Drew for printing an offensive cartoon which consisted of a caterpiller "making love" to a french fry in the company newsletter which she and her lawyers claimed "Created a hostile enviornment" in the workplace.

Nora seems to be a usually quiet sort, and also somewhat of a prude, as Kate, when learning that she was the one who filed the suit against Drew, alludes to as she insults her in saying that the only reason that she filed the suit was that it's because "she never gets any!"

In spite of the suit, Drew and the gang still remain on friendly terms with Norn. as in the episode "Love, Sri Lankan Style", her final appearande, Nora, who's by this time, is working as a Tuppermaid Home Products sales franchisee, after getting in an arguement with Lewis and Oswald, who have also started selling Tuppermaid products themselves, over them not having yet received the items that they've ordered through her, (turns out that she's become the top seller of Tuppermaid items in the Cleveland area) offers to hire the two to work for her (she secretly has the hots for both of them!), as she promises to "treat them real nice", this after threatening to "make life hell" for them when they tried selling their items at a Tuppermaid party in Drew and Kellie's home!


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