Lynn O'Brien
Susan Saint James as Lynn O'Brien
Susan Saint James as Lynn O'Brien, Kate's accountant mother in "Kate and Drew and Drew's Mom" in Season 1 (ep.#20).
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Tax Accountant
Has a tendency to meddle into her daughter's love life, overly concerning herself about every guy that she dates
Related to: Kate O'Brien (daughter)
Character information
Appeared on: The Drew Carey Show
Episodes appeared in: "Drew and Kate and Kate's Mom" (Season 1, episode #20)
Character played by: Susan Saint James

Lynn O'Brien, Kate's mother, appears in the Season 1 episode titled "Drew and Kate and Kate's Mom" (episode #20). The part of Lynn is played by Susan Saint James.

About LynnEdit

When Kate's mother Lynn arrives in town from Minnesota to visit her on her birthday, it's to her angst as one of the first things that Lynn does when she arrives at Drew's doorstep is constantly bugs Kate about getting married, and also criticizes her choice of boyfriends, namely, her present beau Jay, just at the time when their relationship seems to be on the rocks!

Kate does not tell her mother that she's seeing someone, because her mother never approves of any of her boyfriends. Because of this, Kate has led Jay into believing that her mother is in a mental institution. Lewis inadvertently tells him the truth, so Kate has to invite Jay to have dinner at her mother's house.

Upon learning that Jay has been recently divorced, Lynn, fearing that Jay is just dating Kate on the rebound, tries to persuade Drew, who doesn't want to get involved (he just wanted Lynn doing his tax return), into talking to Kate about her disapproval of Jay as her beau. She even suggests dating Drew, as she initally asks why she doesn't date someone "more like him", as Kate tells her that he's already in a relationship with someone else, and reminds her of the fact that "He's Drew!"

Anyhow, Drew instead arranges the two, Lynn and Jay and he, to meet at the Warsaw to talk things over concerning Jay and Kate's relationship, as things get smoothed over as Lynn finally shows approval of one of Kate's boyfriends, as the two, Lynn and Jay seem to take a liking to one another, as Jay tells Lynn that he really cares about her daughter.

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