Lisa Robbins
Katy Selverstone as Lisa Robbins
Katy Selverstone as Lisa Robbins, Drew's girlfriend and co-worker at Winfred-Louder in in the first two seasons of "TDCS".
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Head of Shopper Department at Winfred-Louder Department Store, Cleveland, OH
Drew's girlfriend in Season One; winds up breaking up with Drew and marrying another by Season 2
Character information
Appeared on: The Drew Carey Show
Episodes appeared in: 16 in Seasons 1&2
Character played by: Katy Selverstone

Lisa Robbins is a recurring character who appears in a total sixteen episodes of The Drew Carey Show, beginning with the second episode of the series, "Miss Right" (Season 1, episode #2). The part of Lisa is played by Katy Selverstone.

About LisaEdit

Drew's girlfriend from season one, Lisa is prevented from dating him as the rules at Winfred-Lauder do not allow management to participate in romantic relationships with their employees.

Although this initially forces them to hide their relationship in public, the two eventually find a way to overcome this obstacle. She vies for a job as the head of the personal shopper department to become a member of the store's management, prompting a competition with fellow applicants Kate and Mimi.

Lisa and Drew soon begin dating after she lands the job in the Shopper Dept., but after a failed attempt to live together they agree to break up. She allows Drew to keep one of her many pets, a partially crippled dog, Speedy, as she departs for good after she marries in the second season.

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