Jay Clemens
Robert Torti as Jay Clemens
Robert Torti as Jay Clemens
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Office Worker at Winfred-Louder Department Store, Cleveland, OH
Has bitter breakup with Kate O'Brien, his girlfriend in Season 2
  • later reappears amongst a "support group" of Kate's old boyfriends, which include Oswald
  • Character information
    Appeared on: The Drew Carey Show
    Episodes appeared in: 16 in Seasons 1&2
    Character played by: Robert Torti

    Jay Clemens is a recurring character on The Drew Carey Show. Jay was Kate's boyfriend. He was in High-School friends with Drew Lewis and Oswald.

    Jay appears in a total of sixteen episodes of The Drew Carey Show, beginning with the second episode of the series, "Science Names Suck" (Season 1, episode #10). The part of Jay is played by Robert Torti.

    About JayEdit

    Jay, who works in the mail room at Winfred-Louder, seems to have a good relationship with Drew and the fellas, as he also dates Kate O'Brien, as their relationship becomes more series as Season 1 wears on.

    Kate, who has been anxious for the day that Jay finally comes to want to propose marriage to her, is sadly disappointed and becomes bitter after Jay, who has just landed an opportunity to open a Dairy Queen restaurant in Minnesota with his brother, as his plans doesn't include continuing their relationiship, breaks the news to her at the Warsaw Tavern when he has her meet him there after work in "Break It Up, Break It Up", the third episode of Season 2.

    Kate, who was under the pretense that Jay would propose to her, becomes so upset with him that she has Drew drive by his house and smash open a window as she shouts "That's for our breakup!!" as she, with Drew driving her around town, starts to do the same to the windows of the houses of others she felt she was hurt by in her life as a sort of "therapy" over her breakup with Jay, such as an old grade school classmate who made fun of her, and a parochial school nun who was one of her teachers!

    Jay winds up resurfacing in "Drew and Kate Boink" in Season 5 when Kate runs into he, Oswald, and a "support group" of numerous other old boyfriends who supposedly were damaged by the breakup with her!