Cynthia Watros
Cynthia Watros Cynthia Watros plays the part of Kellie Newmark, Drew's fiance, then wife, in Seasons 7-9 of "The Drew Carey Show".
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Born: (1968-09-02) September 2, 1968 (age 50)
Birthplace: Lake Orion, Michigan, U.S.
Years Active: 1994-present
Spouse(s): Curtis Gilliland (m. 1996, 2 children)
Character information
Appeared on: The Drew Carey Show
Appears as: Kellie Newmark, Drew's girlfriend/wife
Episodes appeared in: 52 in Seasons 7-9

Cynthia Watros (born August 1, 1963) plays the role of Drew's girlfriend, then wife Kellie Newmark in Seasons 7-9 of The Drew Carey Show.

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After a spell of television and movie small parts starting in 1994, Watros made her breakthrough by appearing on 24 episodes of The Guiding Light in 1998. Two years later, she landed the role on the FOX-TV network Titus of Christopher Titus's on-screen girlfriend Erin Fitzpatrick, a seemingly normal girl who, like the title character, was raised by a dysfunctional family that she refused to acknowledge was dysfunctional. After Titus, she landed the role of Kellie Newmark on The Drew Carey Show.

After TDCS was cancelled, Cynthia, was cast on the ABC-TV drama series Lost, playing psychologist Libby, a member of the "Tailies", a group of survivors of the plane crash who were in the tail section of the plane (and not seen during Season One). She was a romantic interest to Hurley and was very mysterious showing up in flashbacks. In the episode "Two for the Road", Libby was shot and killed by Michael Dawson. Libby briefly reappeared in the 2008 episode "Meet Kevin Johnson". She returned in 2010 in the episode "Everybody Loves Hugo" in the final season of Lost, in which she played a large part in the story. In addition, she appeared in the season finale, albeit without speaking lines.

After her departure from Lost in 2006, Watros filmed a pilot for a show titled My Ex-Life for CBS. She was slated to play the ex-wife of a character played by Tom Cavanagh. However, the pilot was not chosen by CBS. Watros was also the lead in the 2007 CBS television pilot for The Rich Inner Life of Penelope Cloud, a comedy about a former literary genius who, after an awakening, decides to pursue optimism instead of cynicism.

In 2012, Watros made her guest appearance in Hawaii Five-0 episode "Lana I Ka Moana" as Kate Burgess.

In 2013, she joined the cast of the CBS soap opera The Young and the Restless but left the show in early 2014 with her character being recast.

From July 2014 to December 2015, Watros has been featured in the MTV series Finding Carter.[1]


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